C.V. Gerda Kruimer, Dutch artist



1987-1991: Academy of Arts Gerrit Rietveld, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Monumental Arts
1983-1987: Academy of Arts Amsterdamse Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, The Netherlands,
first grade drawing and art history
1983: Athenaeum


Selection of Expositions:

2018: Composing Spaces, Uilenburgersjoel, Amsterdam
2018: CONTEMPORARY CONTEMPLATIONS in ERFURT, curators: DAG Przybilla, René Eicke and Gerda Kruimer, Galerie + Projektraum | Kunsthaus Erfurt, Germany
2018: RestArt 2018 (3rd edition) International group exhibition, Breed Art Foundation at Breed Studios, Amsterdam
2018: GLUE Contemporary Contemplations IN BERLIN, curators: DAG Przybilla, René Eicke and Gerda Kruimer, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2018: Goud onder het IJs, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2018: Kleurrijk Amsterdam – Colourful City, Sociëteit Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2018: Penséesauvages 2018, Biennale d’Art Contemporain Dourdan, France
2018: Contemporary Contemplations, curators: René Eicke and Gerda Kruimer, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2018: Back to Basic, E.M. Galerie, Kollum
2018: Viering 10 jaar IS-projects, Marktsteeg 10, Leiden
2017: Arti Salon, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2017: Winterkabinet, Amstelpark 13, Amsterdam
2017: Zomertentoonstelling, LaKaserna, Bad Nieuweschans
2017: Order is half of life, Vishal, Haarlem
2017: Tekenkabinet, Museum Waterland , Purmerend
2017: ContraRitme, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen
2017: Curator and participant of the exhibition Kunst = een Veelkoppige Draak, KCB 70-Year anniversary, Museum Kranenburgh Bergen
2016: Curator and participant of the exhibition Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Expo Koel310, Alkmaar
2016: Arti Salon,  Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2016: Tekenkabinet in De Huiskamer, Kalkmarkt 8, Amsterdam
2016: Reactie op Constant, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen
2016: Penséesauvages 2016, Biennale d’Art Contemporain Dourdan, France
2016: Open Ateliers Jordaan, Amsterdam
2016: BETEKENEN, solo in Expo van Koel310, Alkmaar
2016: DRAWING FRONT met Tekenkabinet, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam
2016: KCB Contrasten, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen
2015: This Art Fair met Tekenkabinet, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
2015: Tekenkabinet 3, kunstENhuis Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
2015: ROOD, Vitrine / Centrum Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam
2015: Tekenkabinet 3, Museum Waterland, Purmerend
2015: Abstract Objects, Galery Lokaal WV15, Amsterdam
2015: KCB Beelden Binnen 1, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen
2015: Vitrine / Centrum Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam
2015: Jubileum Salon, 175 jaar Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2015: Art Karlsruhe met Galerie Franzis Engels, Germany
2014: Absoluut Anders, Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam
2014: 3 X Abstract, expo72, Alkmaar
2014: “Pensées Sauvages”, Biennale d’Art Contemporain Dourdan, France
2014: Kunstrai met Galerie Kunst is Kunst, Amsterdam
2014: 100 € Show, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam
2014: Open Ateliers Jordaan, Amsterdam
2014: Architectuur-Associaties, Kranenburgh, Bergen
2014: Nieuwe Aanwinsten, CBK Amsterdam
2014: “Stroom Lijnen”, CBK Amsterdam
2013: “Verzamelen”, Galerie Kunst is Kunst, Amsterdam
2013: “De Salon” Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2013: Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen
2013: Galerie Kunst is Kunst, Amsterdam
2013: SBK Galerie 59, Amsterdam
2013: “Intermezzo”, KCB, Bergen
2013: RAW Art Fair met Galerie Kunst is Kunst, Rotterdam
2012: “Parallax Art Fair”, New York City, USA
2012: “Contemporary Drawing 2012”, 3 exhibitions, Swiss Art Space, Lausanne, Switzerland
2012: “Baas Galgo”, exhibition, art auction and benefit dinner, Museum Schunck Restaurant 5.0, Heerlen
2012: “Feest”, KCB, Bergen
2012: “De Salon”, Arti et Amecitiae, Amsterdam
2012: Open Ateliers Jordaan
2011: “Going Up”, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2011: “Open Einde”, KCB, Bergen
2011: “Nieuwe Aanwinsten”, CBK, Amsterdam
2011: “Minnen en Maken”, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2010: “Artist Portfolio”, Participation The Drawing Center, New York, Viewing Program
2010: “Uitzicht”, KCB, Bergen
2010: “Quest”, 3 solo exhibitions, Amsterdam:
– Kunsttraject Etalages, Staatsliedenbuurt
– Studio, KunstENhuis Westerpark
– Studio, Open Ateliers Jordaan
2009: 2 drawings (140 x 200 cm) on loan to the Ministry of Education, Culture and
Science for the waiting room of Minister Plasterk (his personal choice) in Hoftoren, The Hague
2009: “Echt mooi”, KCB, Bergen
2009: “De Salon”, Arti et Amecitiae, Amsterdam
2009: FNV Kiem, Amsterdam
2009: “GlasHart”, Fort Vuren, Gorinchem
2009: De Griffioen, Amstelveen
2008: Organization of and participation in “FNV KunstWerk”, exhibition and debate, Vakbondsgebouw Amsterdam.
Opening Minister Plasterk van OCW, hostess Agnes Jongerius, Chairman FNV
2008: “De Salon”, Arti et Amecitiae, Amsterdam
2008: Open Ateliers Jordaan
2007: “Om de zoveel tijd een gedegen wonder”, KCB, Bergen
2007: Design, construction and arrangement gravestone, Cemetery St. Barbara, Amsterdam
2007: “Horizon”, KCB, Bergen
2007: Galerie Clement, Amsterdam
2007: “Ruimtelijk Werk”, KCB, Bergen
2006: “Gesprek 1”, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen
2006: Open Ateliers Jordaan, Amsterdam
2006: “Grensgebieden”, KCB, Bergen
2006: “Nieuwe Leden”, Arti et Amecitiae, Amsterdam
2005: “Tracing Spaces”, 66East, Amsterdam
2005: “50x 50”, KCB, Bergen
2005: “De Nieuwe Salon”, KCB, Bergen
2005: “Aanwinsten 2004”, CBK, Amsterdam
2004: Open Ateliers Jordaan
1999: Sketch for a monument for the former Wester Cemetery commissioned by Stadsdeel Westerpark in
Amsterdam. On behalf of the management Group Spaarndammerstraat – Zeeheldenbuurt  supervision on the development of this project in cooperation with the residents.
1999: “Gas Water Licht”, Het Veem, Amsterdam
1999: “Een sigaar uit eigen doos”, Hajenius, Amsterdam
1998: Presentation Video Documentary “Green Sunday” at the appointment of the new district council Westerpark in Amsterdam.
1998: Implementation work of art of C. Carpay in the Court in Assen.
1997: “De Overlevering van een Huis”, “The Surrender of a House”, a project of Ida van der Lee, exhibition at the Vrieshuis America in Amsterdam
1996: “5 x Dubbelexpositie”, Galerie Scheper, Amsterdam
1996: “5 x Dubbelexpositie”, Kunstrai, Amsterdam
1996: “Raum und Gast”, Wuppertal, Duitsland
1995: “Werk in Veelvoud”, Galerie Scheper, Amsterdam
1995: “Onzichtbare Collecties”, SBK exhibition in Arti et Amecitiae, Amsterdam.
1993: Competition ING Real Estate Fund. Assignment conducted summer 1993. Artwork of 4 meters by 25 meters on the end wall of the emergency staircase of an office building at the James Watt Street in Amsterdam.
1993: Publication and presentation grafiekMAP, De Kring, Amsterdam
1993: “Kunsttrajekt V”, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
1991: Competition Municipality Mijdrecht. Sketch for a sculpture of 6 x 60 meters in a ditch of 9 x 90 meters.
1991: Graduation Exhibition Gerrit Rietveld Academie
1989: Competition for the Townhall in Houten. Assignment conducted summer 1989. Relief over four floors in the staircase.
1987: Selection for the Graduation Exhibition Amsterdam Academy of Fine Arts in Arti et Amecitiae in Amsterdam.
1987: Organization of and participation in the exhibition “Opening of the National Research Center” in The Hague.
1987: Organization and participation in exhibition “65 years Nadorp Estate Agents” in The Hague.
1987: Selection for the exhibition “Paul Tétar van Elven Fonds price” in Arti et Amecitiae in Amsterdam.


Other activities:

2016 – – : curator.

* Curator of the exhibition Contemporary Contemplations in Erfurt together with DAG Przybilla and René Eicke  in Galerie + Projektraum | Kunsthaus Erfurt, Germany

* Curator of the exhibition GLUE Contemporary Contemplations together with DAG Przybilla and René Eicke  in Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.

* Curator of the exhibition Contemporary Contemplations together with René Eicke  in Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam.

* Curator of the exhibition Kunst = een Veelkoppige Draak, KCB 70-year anniversary, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen. Symposium & exhibition commission member, creator exhibition concept, format museum rooms.

* Curator of the exhibition Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Expo Koel310, Alkmaar. Creator exhibition concept, format exhibition space, designer invitation and poster.

2018 – -: associate member of the Art Research Center/A.R.C.Group
The Art Research Center is an independent not-for-profit association in Kansas City, Missouri. Members included: architects, artists, composers, designers, writers and others. Its work is connected with the exploration of abstract Neo-Constructivism, by both individuals and groups. The association grew out of an earlier collaborative art gallery project, and was started by Thomas Michael Stephens in 1964.

2016 – – : board chairman Stichting Digitaal KunstBeheer.
Stichting Digitaal KunstBeheer (DKB) is a non-profit organization, initiated by visual artists, dedicated to preserve the works of contemporary Dutch artists in digital form and to keep them visible.

2015 – 2018: member and board chairman of the MR of the Orion College Drostenburg in Amsterdam
Orion is the only provider of public special (secondary) education – (V) SO – in Amsterdam. Continued special education offered for students who are chronically ill, have disabilities or internalizing behavior problems (cluster 3 and 4).

2012 – 2014: board member and secretary of the foundation De Kenniskeuken, an initiative from the Innovation Network of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, with the aim of setting up a center for applied research by maintaining knowledge and expertise around effective nutritional care for children with chronic deseases in two LZK (chronically ill children) schools.

2008 – 2014: member of the PTA and member of the MR of the Coronelschool in Amsterdam. Orion schools provide education and care to children who for some reason do not go to an ordinary school. The Coronelschool is for children with physical or multiple diabilities or chronic illness.

1997 – 2012: teacher in ‘looking at art’ at Kunstkijkuren, Amsterdam, for children between 9 and 12 years old, in the Stedelijk Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Amsterdam Museum, The Tropen Museum, the Hermitage aan de Amstel Museum, the Architectuur Biennale and the Gerrit Rietveld academie.

1994 – 2001: employee welfare and culture at Stadsdeel Westerpark, Amsterdam. Co-organizer and curator of exhibitions amongst others in cooperation with International Bau Exhibition (IBA) Emscher Park the Exhibition Industrial Past Westergasfabriek and cultural events amongst others Kijk op de Wijk en Milieumarkt Westerpark (including logistics, publicity, intake, sponsorship, photo research, making a documentary).

1990 – 1994: employee and deputy head of Artotheek Westerpark Responsibility for: the presentation of the collections, special exhibitions and projects within and outside the art lending library, compiling and editing and publishing a Artotheek news, information and public relations, the arts. As deputy head responsible for directing the staff, banenpooler and temporary staff Artotheek, management and representation of the art library to the outside, sitting on the selection committee of the City of Amsterdam to acquire new artworks.

1984 – 1990: designer and facilitator of cultural tours: New York, Egypte, Barcelona, Praag, Venetië, Verona,Padua, Brussel, Wenen, Budapest, Berlijn, Kassel, Münster, Insel Hombroich, Ardeche, Watou, Gent, Oostende, Parijs.


Work in collections:

Rijksgebouwendienst: Ministerie van VROM in Den Haag, Gerechtsgebouw Parnas in Amsterdam, Penitentiaire Inrichting De Karelskamp in Almelo
ROC Den Haag, Nadorp Makelaars Den Haag, CBK Amsterdam, CBK Zuid Oost Amsterdam, SBK Amsterdam, Municipality Amsterdam stadsdeel Westerpark
Various private collections.