Artists: Karl-Heinz Adler (DE) / Linda Arts (NL) / Cees Andriessen (NL) / Isabelle Borges (DE) / Bram Braam  (NL/DE) / Piet Dieleman (NL) / Marieke van Diemen (NL) / René Eicke (NL/DE) / Carina Ellemers (NL) / Ditty Ketting (NL) / Gracia Khouw (NL) / Peter K. Koch (DE) /  Friedrich Kracht (DE)/ Gerda Kruimer (NL) / Annekatrin Lemke (DE) / Stefan Lenke (DE)/ Bas Lobik (NL) / Zaida Oenema (NL) / DAG (DE) / Marleen van Wijngaarden (NL) / Patricia Westerholz (DE) / Yumiko Yoneda (NL/JP)

Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden Germany
Curated by gallerists Patricia Westerholz and Andreas Kempe & Gerda Kruimer

Initiated by René Eicke and Gerda Kruimer

Opening words by:
Beate Gerlings, counselor of the Dutch Embassy in Berlin
Annekatrin Klepsch, cultural mayor of the state capital Dresden
Susanne Altmann, art historian

The touring exhibition Contemporary Contemplations was shown for the first time in March 2018 in Arti et Amicitae in Amsterdam, then in Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, in Kunsthaus Erfurt, in PHK18 Rotterdam (now Murals.Inc.Podium) and Galerie Ursula Walter in Dresden.
The exhibition is about time and repetition. In contrast to the general phenomenon of time where tempo and continuous change are paramount, the emphasis in this exhibition is on moment and feeling of duration. In their work, the participating artists use repetition as a form or form their work through repetition.
In addition to the artists from the very beginning, artists who fit the theme are added during each exhibition.

With thanks to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, CBK Rotterdam and Goethe Institut Rotterdam to make this possible.