e noho ma ka lua pele / living on a volcano

After a trip in the summer of 2017 I made new grid drawings in which I changed the system from inside. From these drawings I made small wall objects: variations on a type, reduced to the essence.

The title of these works: Punatics, is a reference to a small piece of abstract world in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where people have started to build houses on top of a black lava plains. They do so for economic reasons because the prices of houses there have also tripled. Their houses are not insured on the lava plains.

Punatics they are called. They build tight and funny and live alternative and self-supporting.

Installation of wall objects:

After the summer of 2017, the request came to participate in the exhibition “Gold under the Ice” at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam in July / August 2018.

‘Gold’ as a metaphor for beauty and desires, but also for the greed and gold fever that underlies the question of whether gold will appear when the ice caps continue to melt. ‘Under the ice’ as a metaphor for the hidden in the earth in all its distance.

In this exhibition, 13 artists depict travel experiences and fascinations for geological phenomena and issues and how man is connected to the interior of the earth and the ever-changing landscape.

I prefer not to exhaust the earth underground and appreciate the inventiveness of people to build up an existence even in a seemingly impossible place. The recent volcanic eruptions are episodes of the continuing eastern rupture zone eruption of Kilauea that began in January 1983.

The smallest objects are 20 x 24 cm, all acrylic paint on wooden panel. To get the intense dark colors, I paint blue and green paint in many layers. The subject leads to new modest reduced work. Which eventually do not refer to anything other than itself. The series now consists of Pre-Punatics, Punatics and Post-Punatics.

Exhibitioned in 2018 in: “Contemporary Contemplations”“Back to Basic”, “Goud onder het IJs”GLUE Contemporary Contemplations in Berlin”  & Contemporary Contemplations in Erfurt & The Uilenburgersjoel in Amsterdam, see also: gerdakruimer/studio.